If you are having a hard time finding a good BMW service shop in your area or are looking for expert work, we are here to help.


We service BMW motorcycles from all over Arizona but we also have options for service work from other states. Customers can have their bike transported from another state to us for service work. In that case we have room to store your bike inside while it is being worked on until it is picked up by your pre arranged transport.


We also offer a mail in service where you can send components like a transmission, final drive or damaged throttle body for us to work on. Pricing depends on the individual situation and often times we will need to see and inspect the component before we can give an accurate estimate.


Call or email the shop if your are interested in transporting your motorcycle to us or mailing in a component. We will be able to give you a consultation and a rough estimate.


Common Mail in Requests:


Airhead top end rebuild

Including media blasting, pushrod tubes, valve seats, valve guides, valves and springs


Airhead transmission work

Including full rebuilds, upgrades and circlip installation


Airhead final drive work


Airhead carburetor rebuild


Modern bike transmission and final drive work


R1100, R1150 and R1200 throttle body rebuilds