The BMW air cooled boxer has a special spot in our hearts. Motorcycle riding is a collection of inputs. Tactile, visual and audible feedback that stimulates our nerves, senses and endorphins. Modern BMW motorcycles have cruise control, dynamic suspension, ABS, 4 piston radial brake calipers, traction control and a dash that looks like an iPad (with almost as much info). Every system is working together in synergy to give you the best and safest experience possible. Some would say the BMW Airhead is simpler but is it?


Riding an Airhead takes experience and skill. It’s not just a get on, push the start button and ride type of bike. It’s an experience. The bike has a start up procedure and then a warm up procedure. After about 20 minutes of riding the bike, if tuned correctly, will idle and accelerate like it was engineered to. There are no electronics to tell you fuel level, tire pressure, or oil level. Those are all things that you checked during your pre-ride inspection. You can feel more of the road, wind and bugs. There is noticeable heat coming off your cylinders. If you grab too much brake, your tires will slide. There is a noticeable absence of the modern conveniences. Riding an Airhead is giving respect to the millions of motorcyclists that came before you. They are a time capsule to the not so distant past where a rider was not only enjoying the ride but was more a part of the process. So whether you are taking a trip across country or just going to the coffee shop, you are a part of history when you are riding a BMW Airhead.


We have the same reverence for servicing these motorcycles. There is no computer to plug into in order to see what an issue might be. There is no PDF or set of step by step instructions to use for service or repairs. There is only the collection of tribal wisdom passed on from previous mechanics and mentors. Most modern BMW dealerships do not have an Airhead mechanic and for that reason will not work on them. MotoGhost is lucky to have several outstanding Airhead Mechanics that work diligently to keep these bikes on the road. Many of these motorcycles are either starting to show their age or are in a state of complete neglect and that is where we come in. Unlike modern bikes, Airheads have parts that were designed to be fixed and not just replaced. Servicing and repairing your Airhead is one of our specialties as well as one of our favorite bikes to work on.


Here are some of the Airhead services we provide:

•  Annual and 6K services

•  Steering head and wheel bearing services

•  Spline lube

•  Motor, transmission and final drive rebuilds

•  Carburetor cleaning and rebuilds

•  Fork rebuilds and suspension upgrades

•  Mechanical performance upgrades and 1,000cc kits

•  Electronic upgrades – Electronic ignition and high output alternators

•  Anything from new paint to a full restoration