Our Shop

We service exclusively BMW motorcycles 1970 and newer and we do that without exception. We do not work on other brands and that is by design. This allows us to focus on one thing and do it well. If you want 1st rate service for your machine, you want a specialist.


MotoGhost is an independent shop which means we are not a large multi chain business. You will get a chance to know Jeremy, the owner as well as the mechanic working on your bike. Whether you are getting an annual service or a full engine rebuild, we will spend time with you to make sure we are addressing all of your needs. Often, it’s not the oil change or new alternator belt that you will notice but it’s that your side stand doesn’t squeak or your left multifunction switch has been tightened down. It’s these details that set our shop apart. Every model is prone to its known issues and those are checked every time your bike is in. We will check your final drive for play or your throttle cam plates for cracking. We know BMW motorcycles and over the years have acquired a wealth of knowledge. How many miles will you get out of your rear tire? How long can you put off that expensive seal leak? When should you think about replacing your driveshaft? We can’t predict the future but we can get pretty close.


Old World Craftsmanship

At MotoGhost, we are Mechanics not Technicians.  If a part can be repaired instead of replaced it will be. Many shops will just replace a final drive unit, master cylinder or damaged throttle body. Those are just three examples of jobs we do where we can repair a part back to factory specs and save you money. There are many aspects of life where things are thrown away instead of repaired, we make it a point to repair parts whenever possible.


We have a small machine shop on premises and have skilled mechanics that will rebuild top ends, hone cylinders, size custom piston rings or just add a cross hatch to your fork legs. If you have a custom issue with your motorcycle, chances are we can solve it.


Motorcycles can be art but if they don’t function and fit the rider, you won’t be on them for long. What good is a motorcycle that turns heads but also leaks oil, is not comfortable to ride and the suspension sends you to the chiropractor? Safety, reliability and comfort are our top priorities. After those concerns are met, performance and cosmetics can be addressed.


Jeremy Mickus – Owner

Mechanic and Chief Enthusiast



Jeremy was born and raised in Arizona. He attended college at NAU and UNLV. He spent 20 years working for the small grocery chain Trader Joe’s and ended up running several stores in Michigan. Motorcycles had always been a passion for him and he would spend time riding and repairing his own bikes. In 2013 he decided to move back to Arizona and pursue his passion. He attended Motorcycle Mechanics Institute where he graduated in the top of his class with 2,250 total class hours. There he received his certifications in BMW, Harley and Suzuki. In 2014 he started work at MotoGhost where he worked closely under Omar Sayied for the next five and a half years. Omar taught Jeremy everything from the newer models to the 1970’s Airheads. In December of 2018 Omar gave Jeremy his blessing and sold MotoGhost. Omar went on to open MotoGeist in Germany and Jeremy is now the current owner of MotoGhost who stays true to the philosophy and principles of which the shop was built on.